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ADBC Services Guide

ADBC Services Guide

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi published the directory of its services to make its customers - being individuals, corporates, governmental or semi-governmental bodies, or private sector entities - aware of the services it renders as basic tasks of its responsibilities defined by the Law no.2/2009 regarding the DED set up. The purpose is to empower the customers to submit their requests for the services and to know the ways the services are accomplished. The services directory shall help consolidate the procedures and ensure the non-duplication of the services rendered to maintain the resources.

All DED services cited in the directory are applied through DED entire channels of communication, being digital by visiting the DED web site: , using the ADBC app, or directly through the customers’ service centers and the departments, centers, bureaus and agencies rendering the services.

The services directory encompasses key six services: inquiry about business licenses, issue a business license, issue a “to whom it may concern” certificate, issue a business permit, handle investors’ and customers’ complaints, and payment of the charges of business license infringements.

About 24 branch services sprout off the above six key services.

To learn more about DED services, please visit: ADBC Serviecs Guide

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