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Environment Agency –Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development hold a workshop for parties participating in the organization of the Summit intended to develop its work programs and promote it

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Environment Agency –Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development hold a workshop for parties participating in the organization of the Summit intended to develop its work programs and promote it

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 News

​Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi held a workshop in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development ADDED, at Park Hyatt Hotel in Saadiyat Island for the parties participating in organizing the Sixth Edition of The World Summit of Oceans to be hosted in Abu Dhabi 5-7 March of 2019.

Through the workshop, which was attended by H.E. Khalifa Bin Salim Al Mansouri Undersecretary of ADDED and Dr. Mohammed Youssef Al Madfa'e the Executive Director of the Integrated Environment Policy and Planning Sector at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi.  The proposed program of the summit was reviewed, and  work mechanisms of each of the participating parties were discussed. Aiming at providing all requirements necessary for the organization of the summit, to be attended by a number of Heads of State and Government as well as regional and international foundations concerned with the Blue Economy issues & topics.

The workshop included representatives of ADDED, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Climate Change &Environment, Office of the Prime Minister, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation. They discussed the requirements necessary for the organization of the summit, in addition to its promotional & media plan and other aspects related to the Protocol of greeting and escorting the distinguished guests & participants. They also addressed the proposed announcement of Abu Dhabi blue economy week, which will include a variety of events to highlight the UAE's achievements & efforts in this area.

Officials from ADDED and the Environment Authority attended World Summit of the Oceans that was held in March of 2018 in Mexico, under the patronage of H.E. Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico in which the announcement that Abu Dhabi to host the summit in March next year was declared.

H.E. Khalifa Bin Salim Al Mansouri emphasized that holding this summit in the UAE for the first time in the region marks the trust placed by the State, thanks to the fast-moving success and accomplishments that UAE has made in all areas with special emphasis to those linked to the blue economy & environment issues. Since the UAE has become a pioneer in this are at the level of the Middle East.

Besides, he underlined that Abu Dhabi Government is doing its utmost to succeed in hosting the summit next year. Through the provision of all appropriate conditions and requirements to ensure that it continues to achieve its objectives in promoting solidarity among the countries of the world and establishing the concept of "blue economy" imposed by the accelerating pace of change in many areas of life including economy, development, environment and sustainability.

He added that hosting the Sixth World Summit of the Oceans underlines the Abu Dhabi & UAE Government and leadership's dedication to enhancing the policy and global approach adopted by the Summit to strengthen efforts to protect the sustainable management of water resources and conserve the marine environment, while helping the blue economy to thrive in the region as most of the countries in the region have coastal areas.

In this regard, H.E. Khalifa Al Mansouri indicated that hosting the summit in March of 2019 represents the UAE Government and leadership's dedication to strengthening international efforts towards adopting global dialogue to implement the Blue Economy in the Middle East. This Intended to promote joint action by the nations of the world on environmental protection, coastal governance and effective policies & strategies such as the recently developed aquaculture policy.

Moreover, he added that holding the summit in Abu Dhabi marks the culmination of the policy and strategies developed by the UAE Government, consistent with the calls of this summit in its previous sessions of the importance of adopting a "green" growth model of economic development less dependent on carbon, specifically the option of the "blue" economy led by creativity in business and the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies that require adoption of green policies to thrive.

He stated that Abu Dhabi World Summit of the Oceans will provide an opportunity for UAE to review a variety of the constants of Green policy, initiated by the Government over the past years. Foremost among them is building an economic sector centered on innovation and modern technology to address numerous environmental challenges related to marine & ocean water and endeavor to fulfill leadership in changing perceptions. By embracing global environmental sustainability initiatives and enhancing their role in developing solutions to key challenges in the region on high salinity, fishery depletion in addition to other common environmental challenges.

During the workshop, H.E. Khalifa Al Mansouri, ADDED thanked the participating parties with the ADDED and Abu Dhabi Environment Agency for joint action in organizing and hosting the summit by Abu Dhabi wishing everyone success in providing everything that will contribute to the success of the upcoming Abu Dhabi session and make it an important station for continuing the noble efforts in shaping a better future for the world's oceans, in order to be effective and capable of facing challenges in social, economic and environmental dimensions.

it is recalled that Member States of the United Nations are expected to meet to support the implementation of objective No. 14 of sustainable development objectives for the conservation, sustainable use and use of oceans, seas and marine resources, towards fulfilling sustainable development, which contribute to taking global actions that reduces the link between seas and oceans, to marine species' migratory from breeding sites to feeding sites.

On his part, Dr. Mohammed Youssef Al Madfa'e the Executive Director of the Integrated Environment Policy and Planning Sector at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi stressed the importance of hosting the summit in Abu Dhabi, "which reaffirms the commitment of the UAE to enhance efforts and play a leading role in the conservation, sustainable use and use of oceans, seas and marine resources towards fulfilling sustainable development."

Dr. Al Madfa'e noted that there is an urgent need to take joint actions and efforts in the Middle East region to address many common environmental challenges related to marine and ocean waters, to conserve the marine species they harbor and to put an end to stop ocean degradation, which will positively impact humans & the planet and enhance the welfare of peoples.

He added that United Arab Emirates seeks to achieve these objectives regionally, through its membership in the Indian-Ocean Rim Association, which will be chaired by the State next year. He indicated that Abu Dhabi concern in that regard arises from its pioneering role in the field of environmental conservation and its vision to lead the future of sustainable development, which results from a long history of pioneering environmental achievements thanks to the efforts and guidance of the wise leadership.

Furthermore, Dr. Al Madfa'e underlined that such achievements have arisen from pillars established by the founding father, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan "God rest his soul", which have continued over the last decades, under the guidance of the wise leadership and have resulted in the fulfillment of pioneering environmental initiatives & achievements including the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative.

He added that He added that one of the most prominent achievements of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the environmental sector is the establishment of a source and ranking first globally in terms of the area of marine reserves. in addition to the development of a clear environmental policy,  simplification and standardization of legislation & control mechanisms and the introduction of concepts of innovation and artificial intelligence and shaping the future in the environment management.

He also stressed that the UAE strives for creating a new model in the region and the while world regarding sustainable development, achieving the required economic, environmental and social balance besides underlining these successes to the world, while ensuring the exchange experiences intended to realize the objectives of global sustainable development.

Moreover, Dr. Al Madfa'e emphasized the "importance of drawing up of a plan for the environment future in the emirate for the coming years, to be accompanied by a series of local & international events and benefits, including Expo 2020 and its focus on sustainability. And a range of events, including the summit, which will contribute to highlighting current challenges facing international community pertaining to oceans, in addition to discuss solutions and best practices towards protecting the seas & oceans. And contribute to enhancing our efforts towards preserving the health of our marine environment, improving its quality to protect our marine heritage and ensuring the sustainable use of our marine resources for future generations."

It is expected that more than 600 global leaders in government, industry, multilateral organizations, the scientific community and civil society gather in Abu Dhabi World Oceans Summit to discuss environmental solutions to the challenges facing the oceans. It is worth noting that the Mexico session put emphasis on the viewpoints of the business world, government and civil society on how to use the seas & oceans facing pollution risks.


The World Oceans Summit on the Oceans is considered as the world's largest diverse ocean organization, bringing together global leaders, decision-makers, business leaders, scientists and non-governmental organizations to discuss initiatives, aiming to protect the blue wealth from extinction and achieve a sustainable economy that protects the rights of future generations to utilize the natural resources.

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