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Handling Customers’ Complaints Policy

Handling Customers’ Complaints Policy

The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi is committed to the provision of quality services that correspond to the needs and expectations of its customers. To reinforce this concept, the Department is aware of its customers' right to complain and welcomes it as a valuable tool through which the Department can improve its services.

This policy highlights the level of care and concern that the top management exhibits regarding the processing of incoming complaints against the services of the Department of Economic Development effectively, quickly and fairly. Such processing is carried out through a complaint system that is easy to access and quick. The system maintains the confidentiality and credibility of the submitted information, as well as identification, and is also simple, non-biased, and effective. Additionally, it practices monitoring and periodic checking of the information contained within it.

The Department's staff has been trained and developed using highly professional means according to the ISO 10002:2014 requirements and the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Service System. The Department continuously seeks to achieve conformity with the global best practices.


Now you can submit your complaint using any of the following means:

Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center (Toll Free): 800555



City Guard App (Via Smart Devices)



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