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International Economic Promotion

International Economic Promotion

International Economic Promotion

​Investment Forums:

The Abu Dhabi Investment Forum (ADIF) series brings together key Abu Dhabi stakeholders, where they present the outlook for their sector and explain their strategies. ADIF provides a unique platform to get first-hand information, while at the same time enabling the initiation of direct relationships and live negotiations between attendees to discuss investment opportunities.

ADDED is keen to participate in international conferences, forums, and exhibitions, Participating at such events demonstrates the weight of Abu Dhabi and its crucial presence among other players shaping the world economic trends.      


IEP participates in international fairs to promote the emirate in a single pavilion. Together, the stakeholders deliver a unified message explaining Abu Dhabi’s story and value proposition to the world.

Marketing & Promotional Collateral:

IEP develops collateral tools to support its promotional program for the Emirate and reinforce Abu Dhabi’s message to business audiences such as the investment promotion website, Abu Dhabi investor’s guide, and a promotional video.

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