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Industrial Development Bureau


The Industry Development Office represents one of the main arteries sustaining the Economical boom in Abu Dhabi. Chief among its roles is creating the ideal environment for the development and growth of the Industrial Sector allowing diversification of the Economy of the Emirate and contribute to realizing a sustainable Economic Development. The Industry Development Office reflects the aspirations of the Government of Abu Dhabi to boost and enhance the Industrial Sector through structuring and enhancement thereof; and contribute towards the promotion of its products and attract the appropriate investments for this Sector.

The Industry Development Office is motivated to establish economic diversity with constant and consistent growth less dependent on Oil & Gas. Abu Dhabi has rightfully invested in its stand and clearly realized, armed with advanced infra-structure, and a modern communication network and mega logistics in addition to its particular geographically-strategic location and its stable  political and secure economical situation and a prevalence of a  culture encouraging businesses.

And from the shield of the Dept of Economical Development, the Industry Development Office represents the main archival reference for industry development due to its links with major players through its mandate to oversee the implement policies, plans and programs, related to the Industrial Sector. In this context, the Office furnishes the organizational, legal and ecological frameworks necessary for developing and initiating industrial projects, issue all necessary licenses for all types of projects and industrial establishments in the Emirate. Also monitor and supervise, same, in collaboration with the operational and developing entities and other concerned parties, thus ascertaining development and compatibility within the private sector of the Emirate and upgrading the skills of the service providers to deliver sustainable growth.

In addition to that, the Industry Development Office manages the master land log for the major industrial plots and refers same to the concerned Departments managing allocation of land for the developers of the industrial regions. Also the Office is concerned with the promotion of the Abu Dhabi Manufacturing Sector through availing of necessary data and information of investment opportunities prevailing in the manufacturing sector, and attract major investors desirous to invest in the related production and services sector akin to it, and all the while, facilitate the procedural setup of projects in liaison with the developers.    

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