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Message from HR Manager

Message from HR Manager

Speech of the Director of the Department of Human Resources 

We strongly believe that the success and durability of the Department of Economic Development is firstly due t the quality and efficiency of human resources.

This belief is outlined through our programs which aim at preparing the systems and developing the overall applications for the integral strategic organization of the human resources management. This is shown in the way of achieving interrelation and complementarity between the regulations, policies and processes for attraction, development, learning, training and constant motivation in order to keep distinguished and creative national talents and people with excellent performance so that they contribute to the fulfillment of DED’s strategic objectives, goals and orientations.
Hence, we point out the guiding directives of the executive department, coupled with the ongoing support and challenge coming from the head of DED, his Excellency Nasser Ahmad Al Suwaidi, who is always keen on “the excellence in the performance of Human Resources with high efficiency”, in harmony with the aspirations of the phase in terms of interaction with the indicators of the sharp economic vision 2030 of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and a response to the enlightened corporate excellence thinking aiming at making the Emirate one of the top five governments worldwide.

The main challenges that are currently faced in DED reside in the enhancement of the initiative, by proposing, showing and representing the vision of the administration. This vision consists in making DED “the best employer for national skills in the governmental system”, through ongoing review, assessment, evaluation and development in accordance with the best international practices of such integral and interrelated strategies in the human resources management so as to ensure durable attraction, polarization, evaluation and career ladder. This supports the strategy of sticking to excellent talents and skills in suitable jobs so as to create, according to the challenges of the phase, a new generation of the most skilled and talented nationals able to contribute to the fulfillment of all the goals and orientations that fall within the economic policy of the Emirate.​
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